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Sigma Management Science—John Smyrk’s private consulting practice—offers a complete range of professional services in project management covering:

  • Professional development - based on a program of endorsed courses and workshops,
  • Development of customised frameworks for the planning and management of projects,
  • The preparation of business cases and plans for proposed business initiatives,
  • Mentoring teams and other stakeholders in large projects,
  • Serving as Assurance Advisor on major initiatives,
  • Reviews - not only of exercises that have been completed - but also of those that are underway.
  • Participating in the governance of large initiatives - as a member of the Steering Committee.

Today Sigma Management Science, through its ProjectOutcomes workshops, is a leading provider of professional development programs in project management to business and government throughout Australia and overseas.



The Principal


John Smyrk worked in various branches of engineering during the 60s and returned to full time study at Monash University where he gained an honours degree in econometrics and a masters in operations research. 

After eight years as an academic, he founded Sigma Management Science—but retained his links with academia through part-time teaching appointments at a number of business schools.

Since the mid-90s John has been a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University—where he teaches business project management in the School of Management, Marketing and International Business.  (more …)



Membership of SigmaField


Sigma Management Science is a member of SigmaField -- a collaboration of consulting professionals. SigmaField is referred to as a "virtual" firm.

When assignments require skills that go beyond the capabilities of the individual practices, then the practices undertake the assignments as a collaborative venture.

While the work is completed under the SigmaField banner, commercial responsibility for the engagement is assumed by one of the members.

Because members of SigmaField are all solo, or boutique consultancies, they have neither the motive nor the resources to arbitrarily expand assignments. Their approach is based on getting in and getting out when the client's objective has been achieved.






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